About Faux Paw


Back in August 2017, in mid-conversation, the 3 of us got excited about creating sassy singlets for our four-legged babies & in the spur of that moment, we hopped on the ‘pet project’ wagon. Launched in Feb 2018, Faux Paw offers Singapore’s first graphic singlets for dogs, designed by local folks!


Behind the name
(foh paw)

To some, a dog donning clothes is the equivalent of committing social faux pas. Contrary to that convention, our eyes crave to be captivated. What better way to shake up the streets than audacious apparel for our, sometimes hilariously expressive, animals?

At Faux Paw, you will find the delightfully bold.
In Faux Paw, your pets are the conversation piece.

So, take that ‘false step’ and start a riot with us!

In Faux Paw

We’ve heard some really interesting uses of our tee from some of you:

Wow, and all we thought of was making our 4-legged friends look cool and geeky! Dog Dads & Moms, do you use our tee for other purposes yet to be listed above?